Wednesday, 30 May 2012

surprising our significant other...

I am not really a backpack girl - at least not for holiday. I carry a backpack with me all the time and enjoy it - one can not survive without one in London -, but one thing is carrying a backpack for the day, which I'm okay with as long as the rucksack matches my personal style; a completely different thing is carrying THE HOLIDAY BACKPACK. And honestly, I'm not cheering for that.

However, Mr. Bubbly must have born with a rucksack on the back because it seems illogically natural to him going on holiday and carrying everything there. Well, we have always travelled my way (nice trolleys, airport flights, very relaxing holidays...), so I figured out it was maybe time for me to return his generosity and bought him this book: 'TimeOut Flight-Free Europe - Great breaks by Rail, Road & Sea'. Which better way to surprise him after such tiring weeks of work?

I just gave the 1st step to some tiring sweaty holidays with two heavy uncomfortable backpacks - is this love or what?:)


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