Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mulberry addiction

As you already know, I love good-quality bags. That's one of my true passions and I simply cannot resist to Carolina Herrera, Mulberry, Hermès, Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler. These are by far my favourite brands.

I have been promising myself for a while now a Mulberry (Yup, remember the Alexa I was craving for?! Still don't have it - always end up spending money in other stuff). Well I didn't buy the Alexa (YET), but I bought the Black Spongy Pebbled Effie Satchel, just for starters (I'd like to think so, at least). This is a very practical bag for everyday use, but which can be adapted for a night out, and has recently joined the Mulberry family, so who knows?! It may become iconic one day! Apart from a vintage quilted black leather backpack I bought a couple of months ago, this is my first real investment bag since I arrived, so I'm quite happy about it. Couldn't be happier indeed!

Later in the week, photos with MYYYY PRECIIIOOOOOOUSSSS!

Enjoy your Saturday! I will probably be strolling around the Soho and visit (finally hopefully) the Louboutin exhibition (let's just hope Mr. Bubbly won't be exhausted after his morning football coaching session).

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  1. É linda!!! Sua danada, já entras-te no mundo Mulberry, e eu ainda não :( mas quero muiiiiito!! falta só o money!! :)but I will be there ;)

    é linda, depois faz post com ela :)



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