Saturday, 19 May 2012

shopping frenzy (8) - attacking the men's department

Yesterday was day for shopping - and it was Mr. Bubbly's idea this time! So, before you start picturing The 100% Superficial Mrs Bubbly, try to remember I'M INNOCENT!

I always had a problem with Men's Department at stores. I can't get enough satisfaction ("I can't get no, thhhhrrr Rrrrhhrrrr thrrrrrrree SA-TIS-FA-CTION! Thhhheeeee, Rhhhhheeeee, Rhhhhhhhe, NO! NO! NO!!!!" - Sorry, singing momentarily madness) from buying only at Women's department anymore. So, helping the husband find some sartorial treasures has become my latest favourite hobbie, because it means buying myself a few treats! Ehhhh ehhh eeeeeehhh! [are you hearing an eccho of evil Machiavelli laughter - yah, that was me!]

Anyway, here are some of the treats:

River Island man's skull bracelet
I love their terrified faces! they're the skulls and they're the ones who look terrified?!?!

 River Island man's shirt
it's size S, but looks like an oversized denim shirt on me
(i was always borrowing Mr. Bubby's and now I have my own)

I am a backpack addicted!
This one is from River Island's Men Department (what else, right?) 
and was a gift from Mr. Bubbly (Yeeeeeeeey!!)
Don't you love the ethnic pattern?! :)

And that was it! Hope to have given you some sort of inspiration for your shopping sprees! Otherwise you can always keep stealing your boyfriend's clothes - that's what I keep doing!

Enjoy your Sunday and
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