Monday, 21 May 2012


Sunday was day for a long stroll. We woke up in the morning and went to the nearest park to play football (I tried!!!), badminton and to throw the flying saucer (just so that you know it was windy, so it was 'fun' [read 'hilarious'] to watch, but hard to play). We had pancakes for lunch (I'll soon be fatter than Peter Griffin) and went out again. We didn't do anything special actually, just relaxed. Working days are so much stressful it feels amazing not to have plans for one day or the other.

I'm posting my look for the day: relaxed & easy. Oh, remember this shirt? You can see it here as well.

Topshop dress, River Island men's shirt and black & white skull bracelet, 
Zara scarf and brown leather belt, Urban Outfitters grey V and golden skulls bracelet, 
Casio golden watch.

Enjoy your Tuesday the best way.

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