Saturday, 19 May 2012

being single: boring or exciting?

Hi Bubbly Buddies!

I'm sorry that I was a bit more absent for the last couple of days, but I had been improving my cooking skills. I'm only working in the mornings (which will end soon) so I have free afternoons to spend doing whatever I want to. When this happens, and I don't feel like reading, writing or shopping, I either play Sudoku (Yup, I'm one of those weirdos :P) or I do cooking research and apply my skills. Well, at least Mr. Bubbly's happy (and fatter perhaps?!?!)

And speaking of Mr. Bubbly, this brings me to today's topic. We were having this discussion at lunch time. I had been cooking for hours to have Mr. Bubbly's lunch ready (such a housewife I'm turning out to be, pfffffffff) at 1p.m. and guess what?! He was late 25 minutes!!! I was talking to two of my (male) flatmates (one married and one single) and the single one said: "See?! That's an advantage of being single: not having to wait for my partner to have lunch! I can have lunch at any time!"

We then started doing a "Being Single" pros and cons list. The fact is that I couldn't really give a consistent contribution to the list. I honestly can't remember what it is like to be single. Curiously, my married friend could remember lots of advantages of being single: being independent and able to make your own decisions regardless of some partner's opinion; using your time the way you feel like; not being commited to one person and being able to have multiple sexual partners (with no regrets or remorse).

Even more curiously, my single friend could find many disadvantages of being single: not having a person you can share your life with; not having someone you can share the housechores with; not having the regular and steady support arm of somebody who will love you no matter what, not having someone that loves you "just the way you are" (okay, okay, I admit it - I added this one myself)

There's nothing wrong with being single. That's okay. I myself regret not having been single for a longer period in my past. I strongly believe being single can help you heal a sore heart or mind and sometimes that's just what we need. And although one can be happy with our friends' love, one must always bear in mind that that may not fulfill your life forever. That is a big part of it, but I like to think we are all looking for someone that loves us "just the way we are". I can't help being romantic, but I'm in love, what can I do? :)

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  1. Dear Mrs. Bubbly,
    A little part of the story is missing! I was coaching, yes, I work on Saturday morning! I'll remember just one or two disadvantages of being single: not having someone really hot like me to keep you warm in bed and another really important, do you remember who took the picture above?! I'll give you a clue, he is really HOT.

    With love, without any regrets of not being single, XOXO,

    Mr. Bubbly


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