Friday, 11 May 2012

shopping frenzy (7)

Who doesn't like Primark?

Today, among other shops, I went shopping at Primark. I don't buy a lot there, but usually, if I go there, I always bring something home (okay, okay, a "few" things). When I lived in Portugal and went to a Primark store for the first time I felt it was paradise: the items are not of amazing quality (we all have to agree on that) but "they will do" and many of them are still fashionable and trendy, so why not? It is not the right place if you want a bag or a pair of shoes for life, but it is the right place to go if you're short on money but still are craving for shopping.

Unlike some of my friends, and many women who always carry those grey Primark trolleys full of clothes and accessories they will never really wear, I think I never spent there more than £35/40. I don't love everything I see - let's just say I'm exquisite - eheheh! However, with 30£ you can buy a lot of things there. I'll show you.

 Sandals, YEEEEY! the 1st pair was 6£ and the 2nd 8£ - lovely AND cheap!

 I hate buying cheap poor-quality bags, I do! 
But, in my defence, I love this Tiffany blue that goes with my iPhone rubber case and it was only £6!! :)

 The Colourful Necklace - only £4! Cheap, and great to wear with some dresses, blouses and sweaters.

 The oversized black shirt to wear with almost everything: shorts, jeans, skirts and so on - 10£.

This is how it looks on me - I love trying on the new stuff I buy when I arrive home - just to make sure it was well-invested money, of course. :)
[ btw, never mind the silly face, I do that all the time! and what's that with my right hand?!?! 
Gosh, what a picture! :)]

So, all in all, I spent £34! and look how much stuff I brought home! We have to love it!


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