Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

in love with...

They're not in my closet (YET) but aren't they the loveliest?

They are the latest JC Skulltini. They are black leather loafers with gorgeous golden skulls studded all over them. I'm definitely craving for them.


Have a look! 

You can find these gorgeous at, more precisely HERE. I love this website! Although it takes a long time for orders to arrive to the UK (it's a US website and we do have to pay custom duties and VAT), it's totally worth the wait and the money, because you can find models here that you wouldn't be able to buy otherwise, as they're not for sale neither at stores in London nor through UK online shopping. websites.

Hope you enjoyed the news!

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my adorable new babes

I am not tall. Actually if there was one thing I could change about my body, it would definitely be my height. It's not that I'm short, but I'm not tall as well, and since this has always been an issue for me, I feel like a little elf (I bet some of you know what I mean, don't you?)

So, I am a high-heel person. And as much as I do love wearing my comfy Converse, I can't live with my quality high-heel shoes. That was the reason why I ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita Espana (the platform is slightly higher than in the regular Litas). I chose the Mustard Suede Distressed colour, because I love the fact it will easily match with most colours and at the same time it's not one of the most common colours in Litas.

Although the JC Litas bring nothing new - they're quite common actually, particularly within the fashionists and bloggers' circle - they will most certainly make miracles for my wardrobe. Main reason: they're as comfortable as my trainers - THEY REALLY ARE! Whenever I looked at them before, I couldn't help but to think 'Gosh, that must be painful' and although all the reviews stated the opposite, that was the reason pushing me back from buying them. The fact is I already have too many pain-inflicting shoes; no need for a new pair. But I had to try them, so I visited website and ordered a pair. Check mine here. Oh, and if you're willing to buy a pair, bear in mind: they run one size smaller.

Well, needless to say I have now my eyes on some other JC shoes, probably some regular Litas will follow (in a couple of months...). I simply loved these ones. :)

Here's the result:

(the JC shoe box is just lovely)

(with today's outfit)

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It's never too late... :)

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Monday, 16 July 2012

and WE ARE...

Spanish fun

Yesterday, we went to a sort of Spanish wine, tapas, music and lifestyle festival taking place at the Fields Park in London. It was The Rioja Festival and was actually really good - especially THE FOOD. Okay, I'll give you that, and the wine too.

Here, the photos of the day for you:

wearing S/S 2010 Kling dress, low top white Converse, H&M denim jacket, Casio watch, and Primark bag

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Kensington afternoon

On Sunday we went to Kensington with a friend - who happens to be our new flatmate - and paid a visit to the Palace, the Gardens, Serpentine Gallery and Hyde Parkon Sunday. The weather wasn't inviting, but we made up our mind to fight back our laziness which encouraged us to stay at home and spend quiet afternoons in front of the TV all wrapped in a comfy blankie.

Lately, the London weather has been responsible for my homesickness. I definitely miss the sun and the beach. At least I'm enjoying an anticipated summer holiday and will go to Portugal in the end of July where I will spend August literally under the sun having fun!!! Yeeeeey!;) I am absolutely thrilled with the perspective of sun, summer, friends and family!

Today it was house chores day for me and I still have to try out my new Remington hair straightener, which I bought at and has just arrived. It was quite cheap, with a £50 discount, so we'll see if it'll do - there was a lot of positive feedback on the Internet thought.

Enjoy your day BB! Above all, if you're lucky enough to live in a sunny place, enjoy it to the most!

wearing Topshop skirt (seen here and here) and top, Converse white low top sneakers, 
Urban Outfitters necklace seen here
Primark pale pink cardigan and ethnic bag

Wish Trees outside Serpentine Gallery

My own wish!

 white swan in Hyde Park

Royal Albert Hall

Prince Albert Memorial

having lunch with Margarida and Mr. Bubbly

@ Kensington Palace, Lady Di's home

my silly smile next to Mr. Bubbly's perfect British sartorial style

we're fond of cuddling as you may see

"Mr. B: The lake is amazing! Look, a fish!
 B. G.: Yup, it's a lake, duuuuh! What were you expecting? A lion?!
Mr. B: No, it's not a fish, it's a bird after all!
B. G.: Yah yah, whatever, it's a lake!"

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Remington Shine Therapy: does it make you shine?

Hi BB!

As every girl do, I love my hair and I love trying out new hair dos and hair cuts. Right now my hair's got a straight cut, which I'm loving, but since I have really thin hair, I was considering to have it cut shorter. I have wore short hair cuts before when I was in my early 20s and I liked it. However, it sometimes made it difficult to style my hair in the morning - I got to know how men feel about it. So, I decided To buy a hair straightener on I might not have it cut shorter, but a hair straightener is always useful and I left mine at home in Portugal, so it was about time to invest in one.

At first, I made my mind not to spend more than £50. But than there were some really eye-catching ones that attracted my attention, but cost £100. So, and since I have been a bad bad girl and doing a lot of shopping lately, I decided to stick to plan A: buy a cheap one that has lots of positive feedback. That was exactly what I did.

So, I made a research and found the Remington Shine Therapy hair straightener. It looks good (I love the mint green colour), it's Remington, it promises not only to straighten your hair, but also to make it shine due to its ceramic coating infused with shine enhancing micro conditioners containing avocado oil with vitamin E.

I bought it and it arrived yesterday. I only tried it today and loved it! It heats up in less than 30 seconds and you get to choose the temperature you want, which is great because it should be different depending on the thickness of the hair. In 5 minutes only, I said "Bye bye hair waves! Hello straight hair!"

Promise some pictures of hairdos briefly!

If you want to check it yourself, go to this link.

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Enjoy your day, BB!


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partying in paradise

At the weekend I went to the Paradise Gardens Festival with Mr. Bubbly and our friends. It took place at the Pleasure Gardens and was great fun. Secret to it: the best company possible, of course! Me and Rafa got to buy two flower crowns - after all, what's a festival without a flower crown, right? We wanted to wear them all the time, but we're guessing it won't look good at our workplaces - stupid dress codes:P! Bah!

Here are the photos just for you!

(they may look white in this photo, but they're grey after the festival)

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Thaaaaanks, BBs!


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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

how to surprise your significant other...

Cooking may be fun and romantic! Willing to see how? I'll show you!

This is a Portuguese dish called: Empadão de Carne à la Bubbly Girl in Glasses.
By the way, Mr. Bubbly loved it!

Good night BB!

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Cambridge is FUN

We went to Cambridge with friends some days ago and it was a lovely trip. The city is beautiful and peaceful and reminds be of our Portuguese Coimbra for its lively and dynamic academic life.

The photos here for you!

I was wearing: H&M baggy boyfriend jeans, GAP London sweater, Timberland boots, Zara scarf

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