Tuesday, 17 July 2012

my adorable new babes

I am not tall. Actually if there was one thing I could change about my body, it would definitely be my height. It's not that I'm short, but I'm not tall as well, and since this has always been an issue for me, I feel like a little elf (I bet some of you know what I mean, don't you?)

So, I am a high-heel person. And as much as I do love wearing my comfy Converse, I can't live with my quality high-heel shoes. That was the reason why I ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita Espana (the platform is slightly higher than in the regular Litas). I chose the Mustard Suede Distressed colour, because I love the fact it will easily match with most colours and at the same time it's not one of the most common colours in Litas.

Although the JC Litas bring nothing new - they're quite common actually, particularly within the fashionists and bloggers' circle - they will most certainly make miracles for my wardrobe. Main reason: they're as comfortable as my trainers - THEY REALLY ARE! Whenever I looked at them before, I couldn't help but to think 'Gosh, that must be painful' and although all the reviews stated the opposite, that was the reason pushing me back from buying them. The fact is I already have too many pain-inflicting shoes; no need for a new pair. But I had to try them, so I visited solestruck.com website and ordered a pair. Check mine here. Oh, and if you're willing to buy a pair, bear in mind: they run one size smaller.

Well, needless to say I have now my eyes on some other JC shoes, probably some regular Litas will follow (in a couple of months...). I simply loved these ones. :)

Here's the result:

(the JC shoe box is just lovely)

(with today's outfit)

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