Thursday, 5 July 2012

Kensington afternoon

On Sunday we went to Kensington with a friend - who happens to be our new flatmate - and paid a visit to the Palace, the Gardens, Serpentine Gallery and Hyde Parkon Sunday. The weather wasn't inviting, but we made up our mind to fight back our laziness which encouraged us to stay at home and spend quiet afternoons in front of the TV all wrapped in a comfy blankie.

Lately, the London weather has been responsible for my homesickness. I definitely miss the sun and the beach. At least I'm enjoying an anticipated summer holiday and will go to Portugal in the end of July where I will spend August literally under the sun having fun!!! Yeeeeey!;) I am absolutely thrilled with the perspective of sun, summer, friends and family!

Today it was house chores day for me and I still have to try out my new Remington hair straightener, which I bought at and has just arrived. It was quite cheap, with a £50 discount, so we'll see if it'll do - there was a lot of positive feedback on the Internet thought.

Enjoy your day BB! Above all, if you're lucky enough to live in a sunny place, enjoy it to the most!

wearing Topshop skirt (seen here and here) and top, Converse white low top sneakers, 
Urban Outfitters necklace seen here
Primark pale pink cardigan and ethnic bag

Wish Trees outside Serpentine Gallery

My own wish!

 white swan in Hyde Park

Royal Albert Hall

Prince Albert Memorial

having lunch with Margarida and Mr. Bubbly

@ Kensington Palace, Lady Di's home

my silly smile next to Mr. Bubbly's perfect British sartorial style

we're fond of cuddling as you may see

"Mr. B: The lake is amazing! Look, a fish!
 B. G.: Yup, it's a lake, duuuuh! What were you expecting? A lion?!
Mr. B: No, it's not a fish, it's a bird after all!
B. G.: Yah yah, whatever, it's a lake!"

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