Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mission not accomplished

Yesterday, as you may already know, we went to Lucian Freud's portrait exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Unfortunately, we didn't succeed at it - no Lucian Freud for the Bubbly Girl -, because it had already sold out. Grrrrh!

The good thing is that we are actually considering to apply for the membership at the NPG. Just think with me: two tickets for a paid exhibition will always be around 28£; two subscriptions for a one-year membership are 70£. We are very likely to spend more than that in the next half a year, if going to all the paid exhibitions - so, there is absolutely no point in saving money temporarily, if we're going to spend much more than that after a year of cultural awareness.

The other piece of news I have for you kind of make me feel sad: one of the couples living with us in London is permanently moving to Portugal. The fact is that they were never truly happy here or, at least, not as happy as they would have been if they lived in Portugal for the time being. Above all, I agree one must be, where one is happy, and although I'm not entirely glad with it, all I wish for them is the best. "Here or there, I know you will be successful. After all, you're a part of our amazing Londoner family!"

Finally, it won't be today that I will share with you the biggest news and huge surprise that has recently occurred in my life - it has been a surprise for me as well -, but since I'm SOOOOO COOOOL, I will give you a tiny clue of what it is all about (the photo shown below). We'll see if you can guess. GOOD LUCK!


A Menina dos Óculos
The Bubbly Girl in Glasses

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