Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Timberlanding in the streets of London

I walk a lot. I do! And it's been raining everyday in London, it really is.

Bad news: I only have my neon pink Lacoste wellies in London - left all the other ones in Portugal (great idea, Bubbly Girl! Leave them in Portugal, where they are of no use whatsoever).

Good news: Buying new shoes is always the answer to any problems. So here are my new baby booties.

The odd thing is that I've just found out I'm wearing Junior footwear, which is much cheaper, I guess. Yup, getting the boots, but saving money. Seeeeee, Mr. Bubbly?? The way I see it, I'm saving money, even when spending it.:)


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The Bubbly Girl in Glasses

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