Friday, 8 June 2012

high moment of the concert @ Buckingham Palace

Paul McCartney!

I grew up listening to the Beatles and there are no words to explain how touching it was to listen to one of them singing their songs. Actually, the first English songs I started singing when I was around 8/9 years old were two Beatles songs: "Hello Goodbye" and "I feel fine" - the latest was my favourite song, although I didn't fully understood it. I would sing it every day, every moment - quite annoying as you may imagine. :)

Listening to Paul brought me so many happy memories of my childhood in Portugal with my brother and my grandpa who were my fav pals. I couldn't avoid shedding a tear at the concert. As a child, I would spend most of my free time playing silly games with them, and it was so much fun. My brother was probably the responsible for my Beatles passion as well as for tennis. Luv u bro! My grandpa passed away many years ago, but I still remember every single moment we spent together.

The Beatles have definitely marked me for life.

Enjoy as much as I do!

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